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Channing Brown

After 23 years living and working in central New Jersey, I re-located back to Illinois in February 2006, specifically to Champaign, home of the University of Illinois.

Some of my interests ...

  • Alumni activities -- I was active for many years in the New York chapter of the Illinois alumni association. Here is a little tribute page listing some of my favorite things about my alma mater.
  • Bicycling -- I've enjoyed several wonderful inn-to-inn bicycling trips with Bike Vermont over the past 20-some years (and for the first time, in 2008, with Backroads Travel). They choose great inns, with lots of good food, and provide guides and a van to carry baggage from inn to inn. It's a wonderful way to get out and see a place.
  • Scrabble -- I have joined the local Scrabble club in Champaign. More information.
  • Illini women's volleyball and men's tennis.
  • Tennis -- For many years, I was involved in running the tennis club at work, where we had a challenge ladder every season, and occasional tournaments and tennis parties. I've written an essay describing my experiences running the tennis club. [Also see the Greencourt Software reference below.] For those living near New York, it's also convenient to attend the U. S. Open, which I have done several times over the years.
  • Jazz -- If you live in the New York area, try WBGO 88.3 FM. (I used to listen to WQCD 101.9 FM, but I believe it is no longer a jazz station.) If you live in Champaign, go to Krannert, and check out this list of C-U jazz events.
  • Puzzles -- I occasionally do the New York Times crossword puzzles, published in The Daily Illini, or here. I used to do Sudoku puzzles here.
  • OLLI -- I'm now attending lectures and other events, and taking classes, through the OLLI program associated with our campus.
  • Politics -- Everyone who values the American dream of individual liberty should check out the alternative to the Republicans and Democrats -- the Libertarian Party. Also visit the Cato Institute. You can learn more about your political philosophy by taking the "World's Smallest Political Quiz".

Volunteer activities ...

A brief résumé ...

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