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Challenge Ladder program

The GamePlan Challenge Ladder program is the tool for running a challenge ladder for tennis or any other game or sport involving two players or teams. You establish the ladder by entering your player information (or importing it from a file), and then enter results of challenge ladder matches. The software adjusts the players' positions on the ladder automatically, based upon the results. The result is a ladder standings report for distribution to the challenge ladder members.

You can operate the ladder as a "traditional" ladder, in which the winner of a match moves up to the spot just above the loser. Or, the ladder may be operated on a "points system," in which points are awarded on the basis of results, and players are ranked on their point totals. Note that results can be reported as a tie, if appropriate in your game or sport.

For more information, see the user manual. Download the free software here.

The Challenge Ladder software is included in the GamePlan package with the Tournament Draw and Match Scheduling programs.