Greencourt Software GamePlan sports and recreation software

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Match Scheduling program

The GamePlan Match Scheduling program can be used to create a variety of schedules for sports and recreation events, including:

  • various round robin schedules, such as single, doubles, or mixed doubles events;
  • "mixer" schedules, such as for tennis parties and other social events; and
  • league "home and away" schedules.

You can also create your own schedule using a spreadsheet-like interface, or make individual changes to one of the automatically created schedules. The output of the program provides a comprehensive schedule of matches so that each player or team knows when and where they are playing during each round of play.

More information:

For more information, see the user manual. Download the free software here.

The Match Scheduling software is included in the GamePlan package with the Challenge Ladder and Tournament Draw programs.