Greencourt Software GamePlan sports and recreation software

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Match Scheduling program

Configuring your match schedule:

  • Courts -- you specify the number of the courts, and whether they are singles or doubles, or any combination of both. (Sports involving two players or teams would always use "singles.")
  • Rounds -- the number of rounds of play. This might be the number of weeks in a weekly schedule, or the number of time slots available during a one-day event, for example.
  • Players -- you can enter the player names in the GamePlan software, or import the list of names from a file.

Assigning matches -- choose from the following possiblities:

  • Various round robin schedules -- singles, doubles, mixed doubles.
  • "Mixer" schedules -- let the program assign matches for a social event, attempting to balance skill levels while allowing players to meet as many different participants as possible. This scheduling also works for situations where a standard round robin is not possible (for example, tennis doubles schedules with an unbalanced number of men and women).
  • League "home and away" schedules.
  • Customized plan -- create your own assignments on a spreadsheet-like screen, or make changes to one of the automatically created schedules. In any case, the program makes sure that you avoid errors like assigning a player twice during the same round. It also warns about possible problems like some players having more assignments than others, or players with widely different skill levels being put together.
  • Preferred partnering -- After creating a schedule, this special option allows you to put every player with a preferred partner (spouse, for example) during a particular round (assuming that you have enough courts to allow all players to play during the round).

It's as simple as that! Never again will event coordinators have to spend hours organizing matches. Never again will players have to attend an event where people chaotically organize "on the fly."

For more information, see the user manual. Download the free software here.

The Match Scheduling software is included in the GamePlan package with the Challenge Ladder and Tournament Draw programs.