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Match Scheduling program - "Mixer" example

Imagine that you are the organizer for this month's Maple Grove Tennis Social. There are 30 people signed up, expecting an evening of interesting and varied tennis matches with their friends. Each player will be expecting a couple of hours of tennis time, with as many different partners as possible, but without pitting the most advanced players against the beginners.

With the GamePlan software, organizing this event is a snap. Let's suppose that you have six tennis courts; you've decided to use four courts for doubles, and two for singles. There isn't enough room for everybody to play at the same time, but during five rounds of play, you'll make sure that everyone gets to play three rounds. With your list of players' names, you run this data through the GamePlan program, using the automatic assignment feature, and print out the results.

The output consists of two pages:

  • The first page shows the entire plan -- who is playing when on what court. Players are identified by their player numbers, which are indexed on the second page. (There is also an option to print names if you prefer.)
  • The second page shows two lists, an alphabetical list of player names that makes it easy for each player to see what court they're on for each round, and a numbered list of players so everyone can interpret the player numbers from the first page.

Make copies of this output and give it to the players. It just might be the best run tennis social that Maple Grove has ever seen! And that will make it more fun for everyone, including you.

For more information, see the user manual. Download the free software here.

The Match Scheduling software is included in the GamePlan package with the Challenge Ladder and Tournament Draw programs.