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Match Scheduling program -- Round robins

The Match Scheduling program supports several types of round robin scheduling. These schedules might be used for a round robin tournament bracket, a weekly league schedule, or a social "mixer", for example.

  • A singles round robin is a schedule in which each participant plays against every other participant exactly once. In addition to events such as tennis singles play, this can also be used for team sport schedules.
  • A doubles round robin is a schedule in which each player is partnered with every other player exactly once, and meets every player as an opponent exactly twice.
  • A fixed-partner doubles round robin is a schedule in which the players remain with the same partner for the entire event. Each doubles team plays against every other team exactly once.
  • A mixed doubles round robin is a schedule in which each player partners with each opposite-gender player, and opposes each same-gender player. (Note that for some numbers of players, a perfect mixed doubles round robin schedule is not possible; in this case, the program creates a close approximation to the perfect round robin.)

For each round robin type, you can create a full schedule (in which all the combinations occur). Or you can create a partial schedule by limiting the number of rounds of play, if you do not have enough time to complete the full schedule.

In addition to standard round robin schedules, the program can create "mixer" and league schedules.

For more information, see the user manual. Download the free software here.

The Match Scheduling software is included in the GamePlan package with the Challenge Ladder and Tournament Draw programs.