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About Greencourt Software

Greencourt Software was launched in 1997 to create sports and recreation software. The first offering, which is now the GamePlan Match Scheduling program, was created to simplify the difficult job of creating schedules for tennis parties. Over the years it has evolved into a scheduling program for a variety of scenarios -- mixers, round robins, leagues, etc.

By 1998, the GamePlan package was expanded with the addition of the Challenge Ladder program and the Tournament Draw program. Today, the three programs are available as an integrated package. In addition to serving the needs of tennis events, the software is used for various other sports and recreational events.

Greencourt Software was founded by Channing Brown, who originally created this type of software to organize tennis events in which he was involved.

Greencourt Software, Inc., ceased operations at the end of 2013. The software remains available for the foreseeable future as free shareware.